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Jin Shin Jyutsu Sessions

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It is in stillness that life energy flows through us and allows us to flow through life.

A typical Jin Shin Jyutsu session begins with a discussion of the client's overall concerns and healthcare needs.  Treatments are received fully clothed, while the client lies on a cushioned massage table.  The practitioner employs a sequence of hand placements to help harmonize specific pathways and restore energy flow.  Each session is unique and based solely upon the needs of the client.  

The effects of Jin Shin Jyutsu are cumulative, so scheduling a series of sessions closer together provides greater benefit.  In order to help a client experience how Jin Shin Jyutsu works specifically for them, an initial commitment of three sessions - each spaced one to two weeks apart - is encouraged.

During the course of a session, it is typical for a JSJ practitioner to  provide a client with a series of self-help flows.  Working daily with these flows between visits helps extend the benefits received during a session.


I charge a fee of $150 for the first appointment.  Clients should allow up to two hours for this initial visit.

Fees for subsequent appointments - typically lasting 60 - 75 minutes - are based upon the frequency of the visits. If your work requires multiple appointments over a short period of time, I don’t want finances to get in the way of your commitment to your healing.  


For this reason, I offer the following sliding payment scale:

More than one appointment per week:   $55 -$150 per session. 

Less than one appointment per week:   $85 - $150 per session.

*Intensive: 10 one-hour sessions scheduled twice daily (at least 8 hours apart) over five consecutive days:  $550-$1500


I simply ask that you look within yourself to find a true assessment of the value of the work we’ll be doing together, and respond accordingly.  This is a journey of balance, and if you search deeply and honestly enough you’ll know what feels right. 

* An Intensive is extremely helpful for chronic conditions, before chemotherapy or other prolonged medical treatments, or as a way to accelerate transformation and harmonizing of your body-mind-heart-soul. 

While I do prefer to work face to face, for those dealing with travel restrictions due to time constraints, health issues, COVID-19 concerns, or lack of transportation, I am able to offer distance healing work.  Contact me for information regarding fees.

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