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​Can Pain lead to Joy and Health?

​In my case, living with constant pain became a gift that started me on the healing path and led to a new life.  

Pain was a demanding companion. It saturated each hour of every day. It blanketed every activity I cared about. I was exhausted constantly from the effort.

In my worst moments, I lost interest even in simple pleasures like getting together with friends and family. At the time, I was mired in my struggle. 

​I Searched for an Answer.

My search for pain relief showed me the mysterious purpose of my ordeal. I rejected as too harsh the modern therapies that damage the body with debilitating drugs. I knew there was another way. I had always been fascinated by the amazing power of our bodies to heal. Now, I was more excited than ever to learn how.

I explored the amazing world of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. ​​ I read extensively about the mysteries of ancient Healing Arts. ​With a new-found motivation, I sought as much information as I could find and applied it to healing myself. At last, I had a purpose.

​​In 2009, I began professional training in Energy Healing, starting with Laughter Wellness. I soon followed with training in Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu®.  I discovered that these three distinct modes of healing were actually interrelated at a profound level. In learning to use these amazing methodologies, I could heal myself and learn to help others.

​​I Discovered What My Body Already Knew!

​Each modality taught me a powerful truth: our bodies have an uncanny ability to reveal the symptoms and sources of dis-ease and dis-harmony within us, and then guide us accurately and gently to take appropriate action.

I studied how the body reveals this mysterious power to heal and signals us what to do. It turns out not to be so easy for many of us. ​We need help.

​I Dedicated Myself to Guiding Others.


​​​In being healed myself, I learned how to facilitate healing for others. This transformation is often called the Path of the Wounded Healer. In witnessing the awesome ability of my body to heal, I found my calling. I received the tools to guide others to a better life:  radiant health, abundant happiness, and a state of inner peace.

​My study of these Healing Arts has been a blessing to me. It is time to share the bounty. I hope that more people will know about the powerful effects of Laughter Wellness, Reiki, and Jin Shin Jyutsu®.  

​Let Me Show you How.

​​​I would be honored to assist you. I provide personal treatments as well as instruction in self-guided healing techniques.  Let me show you the daily benefits and joys that these ancient Healing Arts can bring to you and your family.

Contact me today.



 Marie Kratz-Jezierski

After nearly three decades as a successful corporate sales and consulting professional, Marie is living her life’s purpose.

She is passionately devoted to these Ancient Healing Arts. Marie studied Laughter Wellness with noted teachers, Steve Wilson (World Laughter Tour) & Sebastien Gendry (Laughter Wellness Org.) from 2009 to present.


She became a Fourth Level Reiki Master under the guidance of Lisa O'Brien & Diane Stephenson from 2009 to 2017.


Marie began her Jin Shin Jyutsu studies in 2014 blessed with many teachers including Michael Wenninger, Chus Arias, Iole Lebensztajn, Wayne Hackett, Sara Harper, Carlos Gutterres, Ted Schwartz, Mona Harris, Anita Willoughby, and Kelly Mount.  

Marie lives with her husband, Ben, and their cat in southern New Jersey. 

©2016 to 2036, Marie Kratz-Jezierski, All Rights Reserved

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