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"Working with Marie has been both a rewarding experience in my healing journey as well as a way to get back into my own energy healing practices. As a reiki practitioner JSJ gave me new ways to get in touch with myself and my body.

I started working with Marie during and following severe and unexpected health issues. I met with Marie every other week and also practiced JSJ holds on my own. I believe as a direct result of my JSJ practice I improved my sleep quality and increased myself soothing skills. Following JSJ sessions depending on the hold I feel more grounded and present in my body with the signature tingly energy sensations that I am used to from reiki.

Additionally during the months I spent in treatment without any other specific things to correlate to I also experienced the following:

-I have compromised vestibular function and I noticed a market improvement in my balance.

-I have to go for regular brain scans to check for tumor growth and my first scan after starting JSJ showed no changes unlike the scan before it.

- My labs show that my cholesterol is the lowest it's been in the last 5 years and is back to the high end of normal range.

Marie is incredibly passionate about her work and it's evident in every conversation I have with her. That and her sense of humor and unfailing positivity make her a joy to work with. "

-Jackie B., Philadelphia



"Marie is a gifted JSJ practitioner who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed immediately. 


I found JSJ during the pandemic and started participating in the daily We Are One meditations.  It is getting me through this year! 


Luckily, I then found Marie on the JSJ official website and am so pleased to have had a remote session.  Marie is empathetic and skilled and it was so healing! 

Looking forward to more remote sessions. What a gift to have  remote sessions at this time."

-Pat F.

"Marie is a skilled and gentle Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who offers a rare combination of support, respect, humor, and professionalism.


Marie really listens to what you say and asks intuitive questions - but she also accepts that you may or may not want to share all your personal thoughts. A session with Marie will always have time for questions and answers, a good laugh, and restful healing.

Marie's professionalism is top notch - she prepares for the sessions, shows up on time, is fully present for the whole time, and follows up with you after.


I've been blessed to receive many remote sessions from Marie. She is a safe harbor in the busy world."

Jackie, Ireland

"I've recently had a few remote Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions with Marie Kratz-Jezierski.

I asked her to help with unusually high blood pressure and heart palpitations. I felt so relaxed, that I fell to sleep. When the session was over, I took my blood pressure and it had lowered significantly.

Every time I've had session with Marie, I receive similar results. I'm so grateful to find such an intuitive and accurate JSJ practitioner. Thank you, Marie."

K. Dunderdale

“Jin Shin Jyutsu provides me with a true sense of calmness and stillness, unlike any therapy I’ve experienced. 


In the beginning, I never imagined that it could work or that I could ever be that relaxed during a session. I am a busy wife, stepmom, Aunt and caregiver to many. 


I’m currently dealing with C-PTSD, anxiety, depression and dissociation and this has become one of the only alternative therapies that I am willing to regularly invest in during my limited free time.  I attribute this need to prioritize my sessions to both the practice and practitioner. 


Marie is both an amazing person and practitioner and has gone above and beyond to help me when I’ve needed it most.  Marie focuses on exactly what each individual’s needs are and truly wants to heal each person.  Marie’s upbeat spirit brings positive vibes to me and gives me the willingness to push forward when I don’t think I’m capable. 


Marie’s knowledge of JSJ is quite profound and she continues learning and practicing daily.  If you want a true experience with someone real, contact Marie and setup your first appointment. You will not be disappointed.”

– Jodi, Caregiver, South Jersey

"It was my pleasure to work on you today. Loved the session you gave me today as well. I feel much more relaxed & in harmony, thanks to your healing hands."

-Deborah, Energy Healer, Bucks County, PA

"I had had energy sessions before and felt "something" but my Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Marie stepped it up a level.  It felt like someone had cleaned out my gutters.  There was more space in my body.   When Marie would change hand positions, you really could feel that the two parts of your body were jumper cabled together.   If you like Reiki, you will LOVE Jin Shin Jyutsu.  


(If this isn't TMI...). One of my complaints was a missed menstruation, about three weeks late and no partner to have caused this.   After I got off of the table, I went to the bathroom and the issue ummm had resolved."

-Elizabeth, Osteopathic Medical Student, TN

"Thanks to the simple task you showed me, I can fall back to sleep. Just holding tip of each finger and thumb, is so relaxing. Thank you."

-Gail, Retired Food Artist 

"I was first introduced to JSJ as a remedy for my jet lag. About 15 minutes before landing I would practice JSJ; first on my left hand, then on the right. What a difference it made! I had more energy and better physical adjustment to time zones. Since then I have used JSJ every day as a means of self-care and awareness! Thanks. Jim"  

-Jim,  PA

"Hi Marie,

On my way home last night my throat relaxed and my voice dropped down to a normal pitch. I used the hand positions you sent on messenger while in bed last night, and then again this morning when I woke up, and the ringing in my right ear stopped and the ringing in my left ear dropped from a volume of 8 down to around a 2!  I sat at work for 5 hours today and wasn't distracted by pain at any time!  

So I would say your treatment was a great success with me, thank you, and I'd like to do it again next week if you have time. 

Love, Diane"  Diane, NJ

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